You will need
  • Computer, network card
For a hardware on / off different devices in each computer is installed with a special system basic input / output referred to in the vernacular as the BIOS. Different motherboard manufacturers provide different user access to the system BIOS, but the principle of them all the same. To enter the system BIOS immediately after the computer you have to click one of the buttons: delete, F10, F2 or Esc. What you need to press depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard. If at first you failed to enter BIOS, do not worry, restart the computer and repeat the operation again, but with another key and so on until you get into the BIOS.
Going into the BIOS, you will see a blue screen with setting items, divided into two parts. Of all of these points you need using the arrows on the keyboard to select the section whose name includes the word "Integrated".
Once you enter this section, locate the line approximately with the following contents - "Onboard LAN Controller". Next to that line, if the network card is still not disabled, there will be a status of "Enabled" or "Enhanced". With the help of the keyboard you have to change it to "Disabled". After you changed the status, press ESC and you will return to the initial menu.
Then in the second half of the screen, you must select the option called "Save Settings". A window will appear in which you have in English will be asked whether you want to save the changes. Agree by pressing "Y".
Next you should once again press ESC, then the system will ask whether you want to complete the BIOS with the new settings, press "Y" and the computer will automatically go reboot.