Advice 1: How to find a song if you don't remember the name

In public transport, at a party or just on the street you heard a beautiful melody. It sounds in your head, you walk all day, singing it. And here you want to look it up online to listen again. However, not knowing the name of the song, this is not very simple. But some options still exist.
How to find a song if you don't remember the name
Of course, much easier to find a songif you know the contractor. In this case, it is fairly easy to find via search engines all the works of the musician and to find among them the one that you are looking for. If the perpetrator is unknown, try to find work in the memorable passages of text. The easiest option is to drive into any search engine a line from a song. It is possible that one of the first search results you will be able to detect and name of the composition and its performer.
There are special services, the so-called search engine song lyrics. One of them Here you also need only enter in a search the words from the song that remained in your memory, and the system displays all versions of works that meet these combinations of words. You will just have to find one that you are looking for.
A little harder to find a song, if you didn't remember the words from the text, and remember only the melody. But in this case, the search can succeed. For this you need to use Remotely ( Go to the website, select what product you're looking for, classical or non-classical, and grass rhythm with the space bar on the keyboard.
If you do not remember any names or words or even melodies, but just remember in what movie or TV series I heard a favorite tune, do not despair. In this case, is the right way. Turn on the music forums. Many of them have a special theme in which the lovers help each other to search for songs by different criteria. You will help to find the song, wherever it is mentioned in the film, advertising, TV show or even a computer game. Beautiful melodies make our lives more enjoyable, so don't give up and remember the famous phrase: "he Who seeks will always find".

Advice 2 : How to find a song if you know the motive

Surely, many of you will know the following problem: you spend your days humming the same motive, rather it is spinning in my head and could not get away from you, and that song - well, not remember. What to do in this case? This situation only at first glance seems complicated. Thanks to new technologies, the problem is very easily resolved.
How to find a song if you know the motive
You will need
  • phone;
  • - Internet;
Use the easiest way - call your friend. Sing him a motif of the song directly in the phone. Choose to talk friend, who are less versed in music. Certainly, among your acquaintances there are a couple of music lovers.
Go to any music store. If you are timid and do not hesitate to perform the song at strangers, sing the motive of the seller. Usually, there are guys maslosemnye - you will immediately tell you what song have clung to you. Most likely, you will even be able to buy a CD with this composition in the same store.
Water motif in the recorder, a video camera, or record directly into the computer. The resulting audio file upload it to any forum on the Internet where you are registered. Announce a contest - who first will tell you the artist name and song title will win a prize. What to give in response to such service - decide. It all depends on the prize Fund and your imagination.
Call on the radio and hum the tune live. On many radio stations have special programs where DJs ask listeners to call and help them identify the song. Before you call station - train to sing more or less clean. Perhaps this will be your first performance for a large audience. But don't worry - Yes, you will hear millions of people, but even if you sfalshivit - none of them will be able to learn on the street. So a finger poke will not. Go for it.
Remember that the file posted by you on the Internet can be accessible to other users.

So if you are not confident in their singing abilities and I think that a file with a recording of your voice, can you download someone else and used against you - refrain from posting such a file on the Internet.
Useful advice
If you remember at least two or three words of the song, drive the text in the search engine. If the lyrics posted on the Internet (and the probability of this is very high), then you will be able to find this song.
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