You will need
  • - pure water;
  • - snow;
  • - ash;
  • - shells from raw eggs.
The most versatile and optimum for the treatment is considered to be the melt water. To obtain go outside and gather snow in the basin. Take the capacity to the house where after the melt formed by the fluid. However, this method is more suitable for people living in the villages.
In the contaminated soot and gasoline snow is good nothing will come of it. Therefore, melt water is prepared in a different way. Pour in a pot of clean water and place in freezer. Keep it in the fridge until then, until it formed a thin ice plate. Discard and drain the water and continue to freeze.
During freezing of the liquid impurities are collected in one place and easy to see. Therefore, when the water is separated into pure ice and a cloudy solution containing concentrated salts, the latter must be drained. The remaining ice - pure melt water, its structure is very similar to the one that is in the human body. Properties of melt water after thawing persist for 10-12 hours, so treatments can be done for the day.
For the preparation of alkaline water there is another way. We are talking about water infused with the ashes. To do this, pour the ashes into a linen bag and lightly rinse with cold water. Will insist on clean water for the remaining ash, after which strain it and dilute to a nice taste. The ash water is actively used for washing wounds, when sweating, animal bites and illnesses of the nervous system. The solution is useful to treat hair to maintain their beauty and health. Especially useful ash birch.
In the villages often use another type of alkaline liquid - lime water. To obtain thoroughly wash and crush the shell from a raw egg. Fill it with water and insist day. This water popular recipes drink women during pregnancy if there is insufficient calcium in your body, which are the building material for bones child. Lime water well watered plants. To stand such a solution long can. If you store it in the fridge, then the lifetime of the water can be extended to 2-3 days.