You will need
  • - mineral water "Essentuki";
  • - measuring Cup.
Open the bottle of mineral water and leave it open at night to release carbon dioxide. Genuine spring water, bottled using modern equipment for improved technology, not inferior to the natural content of mineral salts and chemical compounds. In addition to carbon dioxide, which prevents the development of microorganisms, the water is treated with a solution of silver, which allows it to be stored indefinitely without loss of medicinal properties.
In the morning pour out of the bottle 1/2 Cup of mineral water and heat it in the glass water bath, not above body temperature. Heated to a higher temperature is impossible, as an effective water "Essentuki" on the organs of digestion taking place in this temperature regime. If overheated - dilute with water from the bottle to the desired temperature.
Heated drink mineral water slowly, in small SIPS for 1-1,5 hour before meals 3-4 times a day. Time and number of doses prescribed by a doctor. The duration of treatment of mineral water "Essentuki" is usually 24 - 30 days. During this time, normalizes work of all systems of the body are inflammation in the stomach, normal liver function, improves the metabolism. Re-treatment is carried out after 3-4 months by the doctor.