Sign between the owner of goods and owner Commission agreement for sale. To fulfill that need at the time of actual transfer of goods under implementation. The agreement should specify the percentage of Commission fee, which is calculated from the amount of the sale proceeds. The contract is mandatory and must have a written form, this requirement is established by Civil code of the Russian Federation.
Demand at the time of receipt of the goods on a Commission from the owner of the documents confirming quality and safety of products. If the product belongs to the category that requires mandatory certification, the documents has to be indicated the registration number of the certificate, evidence or declarations of conformity. This requirement is stated in the provisions of technical regulation and consumer policy of the Russian Federation. When the failure of the seller of the goods may be subject to a penalty tax or other regulatory authorities.
Take imported goods not subject to mandatory certification, only in the case of the hygienic conclusion of sanitary expertise. Specify this item in the contract.
To make each unit of product or all the same goods receipt and product label in the two copies. Documents have a standardized format and filled in accordance with established rules. When you receive the goods on the Commission one copy remains on the owner of the product, and the second is transferred to the entrepreneur-seller.
Give the payment document confirming the payment when selling goods to the ultimate consumer or to a business entity. This document is not mandatory and is issued, as a rule, only at the request of the buyer. Failure to issue it is not subject to penalties.