True adherents of domestic cars is still appreciated and loved the Volga and in no hurry to change it for another car. Start the repair with the diagnosis of steering control (chassis). To do this, turn the wheel to the left and to the right until it stops and with the help of luttmer (in case of his absence, the eye) determine the backlash of the chassis. It consists of gaps on the steering gear and steering linkage. Repair is required if the backlash exceeds the allowable value. But if it's more, find out why. As a rule, wear parts of the chassis. Adjust depending on amount of wear and tear loose or change worn parts.
Check the connection of the rotary axle with the beam. Support for this front wheel with a Jack and shake his hands back and forth. If you will hear the knock and feel the movement – adjust the bearings and king pins. It's do with another wheel.
Check the shock absorbers as they are secured. Change the rubber bushings if they are worn out. Then measure the tire air pressure, if necessary, bring to the norm.
Violation of any of the mechanisms of the transmission - clutch, gearbox, rear axle, propeller shaft – when driving a car immediately evident: there is a knock, noise, vibration.
Replace worn parts to restore the health of the transmission. In the reducer of rear axle and gearbox check the oil level. If necessary, change it or add.
Diagnose brake system on the stand. But first decide whether it needs repair and adjustment. This will accelerate the vehicle and press the brake on a straight stretch of asphalt. How does the brake system, will be seen by the skid marks of the wheels.
Engine repair at the specialized enterprise. If necessary, change the mount pads.
Repair of ignition systems, power, cooling: remove, then wash, then inspect and reinstall.