The required method of diagnosis of diseases of the rectum is considered a digital rectal examination. It gives the possibility to detect inflammatory infiltrates, tumor formation of the sacrum, coccyx, disorders of the internal genital organs in women and prostate in men.
Addition to pallavolo rectal examination is an instrumental examination of the rectum, anoscopy. The doctor inspects its internal surface with a special tool anoscope, which enters through the anus to a depth of 12-14 cm.
The most accurate and reliable method – rectoscopy. It runs using sigmoidoscopy, inserted through the anus to a depth of 20-35 cm, This method allows us to consider the slightest changes of the mucosa. During the procedure often is taken material for further histological examination.
For further diagnoses of colon diseases (malformations, tumors, chronic colitis) applied x-ray examination – barium enema. While thick gut filled with the radiopaque suspension and take pictures of all its departments.
The most informative method of early diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors, Crohn's disease is colonoscopy. It is also used in special situations requiring emergency care: in case of intestinal hemorrhage, the presence of intestinal foreign bodies Colonoscope introduced into the rectum through the anus and moves at a moderate air flow. During the procedure you will feel a feeling of fullness of the bowel gases and the urge to defecate.
If you suspect diffuse lesions of the colon, tumors, Crohn's disease biopsy of the mucosa of the colon. First of all, this method is required for recognition of the nature of tumors and the detection of a cancer diagnosis, correct choice of surgical intervention. If you cannot produce biopsy cytological examination of the discharge of substances from the inner surface of the colon.
A valuable method of diagnosis of diseases of the rectum (perianal tumors tissue, chronic abscess, colorectal cancer) is ultrasonography (USG). The accuracy of the method depends largely on the correct interpretation of the obtained data and experience of the doctor-researcher.
And of course, the necessary surveys for suspected disruption of the rectum are blood and feces on koprogrammu. Laprogramma shows whether the allocated unsolicited inclusions (excess mucus, etc.) that almost always indicates inflammation available. We often carry out analysis of fecal occult blood.