You will need
  • - refer to a gastroenterologist:
  • - pass the designated examination.
To get reliable test results, one week before the procedure follow a milk diet. Eliminate from the diet coffee, spices, spicy dishes. Daily at night, take a laxative senade, or other prescribed by a doctor. 12 hours before the test totally abstain from food, 5 hours from the water.
If esophagogastroscopy the physician inserts through the patient's mouth into the esophagus a soft tube with the monitor. Pre mouth and throat treats anesthetic to reduce pain. The doctor carefully examines the entire gastric mucosa and, if necessary, takes the fabric with the right site for biopsy. The survey is carried out for 3-30 minutes, depending on the extent of involvement of the mucous membranes. If lesions are many, the procedure takes a lot of time.
During the procedure, the doctor may conduct an emergency removal of a polyp or to stop the bleeding.
Ultrasound examination of the stomach completely painless procedure, but it allows you to see only the General condition of the mucosa and on the basis of ultrasound, it is impossible to establish an accurate diagnosis. If the stomach will be gases that ultrasound can't show anything at all. It is therefore very important to properly prepare for this examination. Excluded from the diet bread, milk, cabbage, beans, juices. As well as alcohol, carbonated water, mineral water with gas. For 7 days eat porridge on the water, dairy products, boiled vegetables. If you suffer from gases, take Mezim, festal, espumizan. 12 hours before the test avoid eating and 5 hours from the water.
Based on surveys, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. All types of diagnostics of the stomach help to identify cancer at its earliest stages, when it's not too late to take measures for its recovery. If painful symptoms and trouble with the stomach not to pay any attention, do not go to the doctor and no test to detect cancer can only be made at the latest stage when cure is not possible.