Advice 1: How to find out what the moon is growing or waning?

It is known that the tides on Earth depend on the moon phases. The man is 80% water, so the influence of the moon on it obviously. The moon has an impact on various events in people's lives. Knowing whether the moon is increasing or decreasing, a person has the opportunity to effectively plan their lives.
How to find out what the moon is growing or waning?

How to visually identify the growing and the waning moon?

The lunar cycle has four phases. In the first two phases of the moon is in the third and fourth decreases.

The first phase is the new moon. During this period, the moon in the sky is not visible. In the second phase, the moon appears like a sickle. Gradually it becomes perfectly round – so ended the second phase. In phase three, the moon is gradually losing its round shape. In the fourth phase the moon has the form of a sickle, as in the beginning of the second, only it's curved in the other direction.

To determine the moon is increasing or decreasing, notice which way the curved sickle. If the sickle-shaped similar to the letter "C", it is waxing or an aging moon. If the hammer is in the form of the same letter that is deployed in the opposite direction, and mentally pririsoval her wand, you can get the letter "P" in front of you rising moon.

How else to know – the moon is increasing or decreasing?

Information about moon phases can be found in the normal tear-off calendar. More info about lunar days contain a special astrological handbooks or guides farmers and gardeners, which are published annually.

The moon affects the psyche of the person, his mood and emotions. Listening to yourself and observing the phenomena of nature, over time, you can learn to identify the growing and the waning moon.

Waxing moon in General has a positive effect on people. The body feels energized. The person becomes more emotional, more active, stronger. During this period he is capable of much. No fatigue, feel the presence of energy necessary to accomplish new ideas.

If the person often feels overexcitement, agitation, noticeable mood swings – this means that there was a full moon. This phase particularly affects women. They may develop insomnia, nervous disorders. The full moon in frequent quarrels.

In the phase of the waning moon person feels the decline of energy. Activity and enthusiasm decrease, increasingly want to relax. It seems that everything falls from hands. While the moon is waning may want to retire, to be alone.

If you notice that plants are better and more conventional absorb water, well developed leaves, flowers, fruits, that most likely is the period of the waxing moon.

Watch the animals and birds. If they become more active than usual, so there was a full moon and soon the moon begins to wane.

Advice 2 : How to determine the growing moon

As the tides depend on the moon cycle and the human body is tuned to signals of this heavenly body. More and more people feel the impact of the phases of the moon. How to adjust your life according to the lunar calendar?
How to determine the growing moon
The beginning of the lunar month is considered the new Moon. The period of the new moon takes 1-2 days, while the moon in the sky is almost not visible: so she "fell" after the previous cycle. The next day after the new moon are considered to be the beginning of a new lunar month, that is since that time the moon begins to "grow". The time of the waxing moon is considered the best for the accomplishment of feats. If you want to start a new life: quit Smoking, start exercising, change the job – the waxing moon will help you in all your endeavors!
To determine the phases of the moon can be in appearance of the moon. If the moon is not visible, it is new moon, beginning of the lunar month."To grow the moon starts on the right side, with each night closer to the left, increasing to a bright Crescent of the glowing disk.When the moon grew to its maximum size, it begins a full moon. You see in the sky a luminous disk. The moon drops in the same direction, and "grow". Its right edge fades and becomes less noticeable and the Crescent is curved to the left. He gradually becomes thinner and thinner, and disappears again to the new moon.
Remember the method of determining the lunar cycle, which we have been taught since childhood. Mentally put a vertical stick to the Crescent. If you see the letter P, the moon rising, if the letter U – the moon is decreasing.
The lunar cycle is 4 nights in which the moon stops its motion. These breaks are called I, II, III and IV quarters respectively. Two of them occur in the period of the waxing moon, two come during waning moon.
To independently follow the lunar calendar difficult: as a rule, it is not the same as traditional, and the moon sometimes cannot be seen because of the clouds and the clouds. Buy the lunar calendar in any kiosk with the press or make the appropriate request in the search pages of the Internet. There will be a "schedule" and the traditional lunar calendar and the main recommendations for actions in each of the lunar days.
Useful advice
People living on the lunar calendar, fasting times each during the new and full moon. To clean your body, try not to eat during the day, but drink more water and herbal teas. Hunger can be silenced with juice without sugar, milk and vegetable broth.

Advice 3 : How to calculate moon phase

In connection with the change of position of Earth and Sun relative to each other, in different periods of the Moon illuminated by the Sun in a certain way. Different States of illumination of the moon are called her phases. Knowing which of the 8 phases the Moon is in a particular time, can be useful for planning the various events of his life: cosmetic procedures, surgeries, diets and much more.
How to calculate moon phase
Open the page the usual loose-leaf calendar corresponding to your required day. In addition to information about the phase in which the Moon, in this calendar you can see the data about time of sunrise and sunset, the moon and the Sun. Information about the phases of the moon and its position in the zodiacal constellations you can see in the lunar calendar. Find Internet sites on relevant topics, which are lunar calendars and it is possible to calculate the phases of the moon, by entering the desired date. In addition, you can find out the percentage of visibility of the moon, its age and the distance to it.
Use to determine the phases of the moon special mnemonic. Aging month (last quarter-from full moon to new moon) is similar to the letter "C". Growing a month (first quarter of new moon to full moon) is rotated in the other direction. If he mentally put the wand will turn the letter "R". Aging usually can be observed in the morning and increasing in the evening. In the southern hemisphere the order of the phases of the moon opposite. The rule of thumb will help you determine the phase of the moon only near the equator, where the moon is always visible "lying on its side".
Remember the appearance of the moon, which she has in each of the eight phases. In the growing phase of the month, the Sun illuminated only a small part of the moon on the right side. In the first quarter of the visible half of the moon. The waxing Moon seems a bit convex. Full moon Moon visible completely. The waning Moon, and growing, slightly protruding, and her whole left side is lit. In the last quarter we can observe, respectively, a quarter of the moon, which is convex to the left. In the final phase (falling a month) the Moon illuminated by the Sun on the left is a small Crescent.
Curved side month is always facing in the direction in which the Sun is located, even if it hides the horizon or it is in another part of the sky.
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