Situated in a large estate or small garden plot of six acres, we do not always discern the track by which we pass into the splendid garden, the publisher of amazing flavors – flower garden rich and fertile garden. Meanwhile, garden paths play an important role in improvement of the territory near the house.
The shape and size of garden paving is different. We've learned that the path from the entrance to the garden leading to the front door of the house, video. But according to the principles of Feng Shui, this is undesirable: on the road straight as an arrow, the energy comes very quickly, and on top of the main entrance and exit door to the backyard are on the same line, the beneficial energy freely received, then freely leaves the house.

And imagine the path that gently bending, running, skirting the rocks, pond, group planting. This path slows the flow of vital energy and allows you to admire the beauty of the garden, to relax, sitting on the adjacent bench.
Path as you move to home is shrinking, not a good option, there will reign a thickening atmosphere of positive energy and Vice versa, expanding the main entrance to the track can dissipate vital energy.

If you can't change the shape of the track, put along the track of the plants so that they hung over her or crept, taking small sections of track, you can arrange vases of flowers, thereby breaking the straight lines. If you allow the size of the paving, arrange in the middle of the bed, she would tear the track apart.
The best option will be a path leading down to the front door on the slope. To your estate rush wealth and luck. If on the contrary, the path climbs a steep slope is put in the way of a few decorative lamps, they will light the way and give the flow of life energy favorable direction.

There are tracks on the way to the home have steps – give them a rounded contour. You can arrange them is not entirely smooth, with Islands of grass on the edges. The edges of the stairs set a vase of flowers. Preferably, the plants were the same coloring. Choose colors of chrysanthemums or carnations. Restrict to 2-3, selecting plants for the design of the entrance to the house.