You will need
  • - willow branches;
  • - grass seeds;
  • - tree seedlings;
  • Board;
  • - pegs;
  • - strengthening structures (geocells beauty, geogrids, geotextiles etc.);
  • stones;
  • - logs;
  • - concrete blocks.
Determine the approximate value of the slope. In case of medium and small grades (6-8%) slope should be reinforced with plants. In Central Russia, a popular plant for strengthening of slopes is willow (other names: willow, willow, willow, osier, purple willow). Cut the willow branches with a length of 50-70 cm, with a diameter of 1-2 cm and stick them along the slope crosswise in the manner of a low fence. If the soil is moist, branches even not necessary to water, they will soon go into growth and will represent a hedge. The root system of the willow is powerful, wide, winter hardy, it will certainly not be allowed to spread on the slope.For strengthening of slopes suitable for such trees as aspen, oak, Rowan, alder, larch.
Can strengthen gentle slope, and herbs. Suitable for this purpose are considered kirkazon, celastrus, Timothy-grass, creeping wheat-grass, awnless brome, etc. you Can buy in the store ready grass seed mixture "Road".Slope (even a fairly steep – up to 45%) will be strengthened with herbs thoroughly, if you be smart and pick the grass with vertical and horizontal rhizomes. So, one species of grass with an extensive root system (up to 2 metres in depth), strengthen the slope vertically, and the other kind – with a fast vegetative development, firmly fix the surface of the slope horizontally. Together, interlacing, they create a great strengthening of the walls of the ravine.
Can use strengthening design. Such as geogrid, beauty, geogrids, geotextiles, etc. Geogrid, made of plastic and rubber, spread on a slope, fix the pegs and fill cells with gravel or earth. Can sow grass, its roots will further strengthen the soil.For reinforcement of steep slopes can use the geogrid is a polyester or of glass fibers. It has a high degree of rigidity that allows it to withstand substantial loads. The slope is not "crawling", even after heavy rains.
Can use the method of terracing of the slope. It is to install barriers through 1 meter of boards which are fixed by means of stakes driven into the ground pegs. Get this multistage slope at each such step can be to form ridges if the slope is on your land.
If plants, geogrids and terraservice not save and the slope continues to slide, settle down, reinforce it with rocks, logs, concrete and ceramic blocks embedded in the ground.