How to make virgin soil 3 acres suitable for growing garden and vegetable crops

Three acres is 30 square meters. For some it's enough, and to some it will seem a vast expanse when you need to dig, to water, to loosen, to weed beds.

If you got virgin, never treated area, it will be covered with grass that grew freely there for many years. To get rid of it in several ways. If you are not afraid of chemo, then water the area with herbicide (roundup, ground, Killer, etc.) in a few days the grass will pougnet and die. But this year it is impossible to plant vegetables, it is better to wait until the next.

The second method also is designed for 2 years. With the help of the cultivator dig the earth which will be allotted for the garden, if possible, choose weeds. They need to be dried and burned and ashes used as fertilizer. In this area plant the potatoes. He will give a good harvest, as the vegetables in this area still did not grow, so nutrients in the soil and few pests. When in early September you will harvest, you will be surprised how loose, loose was the ground and how little her weed. In this it is already possible to plant anything. Start to plant trees, shrubs, strawberries immediately after harvest of potato.

What to plant

Draw on paper the shape of your plot, label directions. Start planning of crops on three acres on the North side. Here is the place fruit trees. They will be covering the garden from the cold North winds and will not shade lower plants.

On three acres, you can plant a couple of Apple trees, pears, plums. Pears are good to place in front of the solid fence, he will save them from the North winds. Maintain a distance from the fence and between the trees in 3-4 meters.

Retreating the same towards the South, plant the shrubs. The optimal can be different – plant a red, black currants, gooseberries along the Western side of the fence. Raspberries will grow well near the Eastern. Grapes, as Actinidia grows up, so will not take much territory. Grow on a trellis for these fruit-bearing plants, and curly flowers.

You still have a large area that extends to the South. Here crack patch. Put what you need for your family. At the end of April – radishes, dill, parsley, lettuce, carrots. At the beginning of may – beets, onions.

On 3 acres is a place for two greenhouses, their post length from North to South. To save space in early April, put them in green crops for early consumption, in mid – may- cucumbers and tomatoes.

A lot of potatoes in this area to put will not work, but there is a place for tubers, which is enough for consumption in August and September.

Along the Central walkway plant flowers, they decorate the garden and will delight the eyes.