Prepare the dish for painting the threads. Is fine clean enameled saucepan. The volume capacity should be such as to be able to freely place the material, not crushing it, and cover a coloring agent. During the treatment the bone must be completely immersed in the liquid. Remember, the more colorant you use, the better will the result.
Try not to use for breeding colorant hard water. If there is nothing to choose, we will tender liquid ammonia or vinegar. Prepare 2 durable wooden stick for turning threads.
Clean material before painting. Woolen yarn should be soaked in soapy water for 40-50 minutes, the cotton is boiled in soap-soda solution, diluted with water in equal proportions. After the cleaning treatment you need to carefully rinse the threads in warm water. Skeins of yarn and tie in several places that they are not loosened during the turning.
Dilute the dye solution as indicated on the package. Bring to a creamy state, then, stirring constantly, rebate hot water at the rate of 0.5 liters per 1 packaging. Strain the resulting composition through a clean cheesecloth and pour into a container prepared for staining. In a bowl you need to pour warm water.
Before dyeing yarn again soak in warm water, then squeeze lightly. If you are planning to change the color of several skeins, then you need to string them on a long rope, it will help to turn the yarn.
Place the container on fire. Put your thread in the dye solution. The ends of the rope, on which are strung Hanks, put it on the edge of the pan, so you can easily lift the yarn. Turn the thread every 10 minutes and keep one stick. Other need to flatten coils, so that they are evenly prekratilis. Bring the solution to boil. Paint the yarn for one hour without removing the dishes from the heat.
After dyeing, rinse the yarn, first in warm, then in cold water. Gently press the skin, unfold and lay out to dry on a horizontal surface.