Purchase a pair of Chicks budgies. They would rather feel alone, because the majority of parrots are very sociable birds. But it is worth considering that the couple must be heterosexual. then the birds will be more fun together, and they might even be able to bring offspring.
Note sadclown the cere parakeet. It will help you to determine its gender. Remember that the smaller the age of the chick, the harder it will be to do it. To 40 days of age reliably determine gender, and even impossible, as both males and females at an early age the cere is the same light pink color.
In the interval from 40 days to 2-3 months after hatching nestlings begin to change color naklonnoi of the cere. With regard to males budgies, then it becomes homogeneous, pink-purple. Adult parrot male cere turns blue.
Females in the same age Naklua cere inhomogeneous light blue or a light beige color with white markings. Also the females you can see the light edging around the nostrils. As they grow older female parakeet cere is bright brown. Note also on the feet of birds. Males bluish color; females have pink.
Watch the behaviour of their Pets. It can also tell you about the sex of the chick. Males budgies are usually more active, sociable. They attract attention, make noise, sing loudly. They can easily be taught to talk, if to hold regular training.
Females are more calm, they love to observe his partner. Usually they are impossible to teach to talk. Also female parrots have a habit to "restore order" on their new place of residence. They can start to throw out of the cage things to scatter them in the corners. Breeding budgies is not the easiest process, you need to constantly engage their Pets, to pay attention to them. But in gratitude, they will give you only positive emotions.