You will need
  • Nest box, sawdust, flowers pharmacy chamomile.
So, the first and essential condition is the choice of the future "dad" and "mom." Remember that you need to pair healthy and mobile birds. Weak parents may give only an unhealthy offspring. Birds should be well fed, but not too much. The best age is ideal for breeding from one year to four years.
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A second and equally important condition is the selection of pairs. A male and a female should know each other, they must exist mutual sympathy. Watch out for their Pets. Usually, the loving couple is constantly together, and the male and female is easy to distinguish each other among other parrots. Choosing a partner, the male is actively courting her, preening its feathers and feeding from the beak and "the lady" accepts the advances. It is not necessary to create artificially a couple. If the birds accept each other, and the offspring you can hardly wait.
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Noticing a matching pair and otsadil her in a separate cage, you need to take care of the preparation conditions for nesting. To do this, make nest box. Make it from wood, hung on the outside of the cells to not take up much space. The size and shape you can choose on your own.
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Parrots do not build nests, so the bottom of the nesting box pour and spread a layer of 3 or 4 cm a couple of glasses of dry sawdust, preferably birch. Do not use sawdust of coniferous trees, because they contain resin. For disinfection of nests of parasites in the sawdust, add a spoonful of dry flowers of chamomile.
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During the nesting carefully follow the diet of their Pets. They need to be given fresh sprigs of lime, herbs, Rowan. Also turn on the menu of birds boiled egg and carrots. The basic food remains grain mixture. When breeding it is important to remember that the cage should always be chalk and crushed eggshells. They need to replenish calcium in the body of a bird. Do not forget to regularly change the water.
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About ten days after pairing the first egg. Parrots incubate the eggs for 21 or 23 days. After which hatch naked and blind Chicks. Feed them as male and female. After a week the Chicks eyes open, and after a month they are fully fledged.
After the appearance of offspring, in two weeks, thoroughly clean the nest box. Chicks on the cleaning time you put in a box or other nest box. Be sure to inspect the Chicks. Remove dirt from the tail and claws.
Then replace in the box of sawdust. Do this procedure once a week. In a clean nest box, return the Chicks and the remaining whole eggs. Do it quickly, because the female after touching the Chicks and eggs may not take and throw out of the nest.