Look closely at the proposed birds. The main sign by which you can determine the gender of a parrot is the cere. It is an influx in the upper part of the beak and it racesgenderogeny nose.
как узнать пол маленького папугайчика
If you choose a young bird (until Paulchimes months) to determine gender will be difficult, because of the cere in young females and males are always a light pink or almost white. At the age of 2 to 4 months the color of Voskovec birds beginning to acquire connotation. In males it becomes pinkish-purple, but later becomes saturated bright blue color. The females coloration of Voskovec uneven, whitish-blue or beige with white spots. A distinctive feature of females in this age – light edging around the nostrils. With the age of the girls cere turn brown. Legs of males are often bluish, while the females's pink.
отличить попугая мальчика от девочки корелла
Try to identify the gender of bird behavior. Young males are always more active than the females. They curiosity in learning new the situation, a bully with other parrots, are noisy and sing longer songs. Thus, they try to attract attention. The behavior of females is more calm. Songs girls short and uncomplicated.
отличить подлуую женщину
Keep in mind that sometimes in times of great stress or molting color Boskovic females can change from brown to blue. Don't worry if Keshi is in the end you turned out to be Mary, the females can also be taught to speak. However, if you acquire a partner to your pet, mistakes should not be tolerated. Parrots are rather temperamental birds and can pick a fight with a fight.
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