Drink a course of antianxiety drugs. Most often spastic colitis suffer emotional, restless and nervous people. They get used to their disease and not always pay attention to it. But just as with medication or psychotherapy stabiliziruemost the nervous system of the patient will improve and work his intestines.
Follow a diet. First and foremost, the diet of the patient should be directed to the relief of the intestine from feces. It is therefore recommended that foods rich in fiber – vegetables, fruits, cereals, rye bread, etc. Abstain from alcohol, caffeine, spices and sweets.
Treatment of spastic colitis medical methods involves the administration of drugs that normalize the intestinal peristalsis and intestinal flora. Preparations must appoint a physician.
Use and methods of alternative medicine. Bloating can make an infusion of chamomile flowers, oregano and Valerian root in the ratio of 5:5:1. Infusion take half a Cup 2 times a day an hour after eating.
Spastic bowel can make an infusion of the bark olhovidnoy buckthorn, fruits of fennel, chamomile flowers and Valerian root in a ratio of 1:2:2:1. Take tincture half a Cup 2 times a day for half an hour before meals.
Constipation well helps the sauerkraut brine – 1 Cup after meals. Laxative effect rutabagas, pumpkin and radish. Small pieces of these vegetables can be eaten raw before a meal.
Diarrhea and sharp pains in the intestines drink the juice from the berries of gooseberry: one tablespoon three times a day.