You will need
  • room
  • certificate of sole proprietorship
  • - furniture (table, two chairs, a rack for the dressing room, mirror)
  • the set of mannequins and hangers
  • - a personal computer with an installed software inventory
  • the form of contract with the principal, was print
Agree with the owner of the budget rental area, located on the first floor of any building. You will need premises in the range of 50-100 square meters. It will be repaired, although to the interior of the commissary of high requirements is not presented.
Decide beforehand what range of products will be presented in your store. There are several variants, but the most common and cost-effective children's clothing and products for children. A large part of thrift stores specializiruetsya on this profile.
Purchase of commercial equipment, based on the fact that for a store that sells second-hand clothes, new expensive accessories are not required. Will need some simple furniture, but if we are talking about a thrift clothing store dummies and a set of hangers. Also can not do without a personal computer and specialized software for the account of the goods.
Make the necessary legal formalities. You will need to register as an individual entrepreneur or to create a limited liability company. To work with people who give things to implement, need developed form of the contract, to assure which will have a registered seal.