You will need
  • Operating system Windows XP.
The command line is a program, by means of which the computer user communicates with the operating system partitions. Externally, the window of this program looks like a dos window, so many users tend not to deal with it. Really, to edit the settings in text mode is quite dangerous, especially for the beginner.
Since operating systems of the Windows family of one task can be performed in several different ways, you should consider each of the existing at the moment. First of all, try to run the command line using the applet Run. To do this, click "start menu" and select the above mentioned applet. In the empty field type cmd, and press Enter or click OK. You will see the program window "Command prompt".
Another way to run this utility is to open the shortcut from "start menu". To do this, click "start menu", left click the mouse on "All programs" (or Programs in classic style menu), navigate to "Standard" and select the shortcut "Command prompt". If desired, this label can be displayed on Desk or put in the quick menu "start".
To create a shortcut on the desktop, in the start menu, right-click the mouse on the desired icon, select "Send" and select "desktop". To copy the label from the section "the Standard" in the General menu the quick access you need to call context menu and select "pin to start menu.
Because this program is run through the opening of the executable file, it is possible to find this file in the system directory. To do this, open "My computer" and navigate to the system drive. Next, open the Windows \ system folder (may have another name), then the System 32 folder and double click the file cmd.exe. For faster startup simply copy the following line into the address bar of an open window "Windows Explorer" (C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe) and press the Enter key.