You will need
  • A user's manual.
If for your model car TV Mystery provided by the connecting the speakers via an optional audio output, use this special set of cables to connect your TV to the speakers of your car. Also often there is the connection to the speakers of the audio system through the AV receiver.
Use only the wires that are supplied with the device. Try not to use damaged or substandard wire, and if it is lost or broken original cables, replace them with similar. Thus you will prolong the life of your equipment and provide the highest quality supply of sound and image.
Using the buttons on the remote control set up language menu. For TV Mystery usually includes a Russian interface, however, if you bought it not in the territory of the Russian Federation, most likely, you will have to reflash the TV menu appears on the Russian language. If necessary, connect the device to an external power source using the supplied adapter.
Try not to use network adapters of other firms, it can hurt your TV. If your TV model Mystery has a built-in tuner, perform the setting according to accompanying Assembly instructions.
From the menu "image Settings" define the parameters of brightness and contrast according to the lighting conditions. Try to set a TV in your car so that bright sunlight does not Shine directly on his matrix. If your model has the ability to save multiple configuration options create and save them for quick switching between different levels of lighting. Also most models of car TV Mystery allow you to customize the graininess of the image.