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There are many directories such as "German for 21 days". Rely on the fact that putting a textbook under your pillow, you after 3 weeks, Wake up and speak German as native language, stupid. But do not immediately throw out such manual in the trash. This book can serve as a good supplementary material at the initial stage of learning. But only additional.
The main factor of language learning will be the maximum immersion. The fastest German you will be able to learn, enrolling in intensive courses anywhere in Germany. Even in the smallest town it is easy to find a school the curriculum of which is "German for foreigners". A week after the commencement of the course, you will begin to understand the language, 2 speak, and after 2-3 months will be able to read German-language literature and to communicate with native speakers, without resorting to the dictionary.
But if the opportunity to travel to Germany no, create an artificial dive. Find someone with experience of teaching German. Better if he will engage with you daily for at least a couple of hours a day. Surround yourself with dictionaries and reference books, glue the objects around you with stickers with their names in German. Will buy or take in rent movies in German with subtitles, this will kill two birds with one stone. You will hear the correct pronunciation and to compare oral and written language.
Take some fascinating book, for example, a light detective. Better, if the plot of the story will be familiar to you. Take a dictionary and start reading. If the first day you have to translate with the dictionary every word, then in a week you will feel that appeal for help less and less. This way of learning words quickly, and this method is much more effective than the standard rote learning.
Don't pass up the opportunity to communicate in German, even if at first it will be a mixture of grunts with sign language. Only by practicing continuously, you will be able to learn the language. No need to yield to the first difficulties or awkward situations. Treat your failures with humor. The only way you will be able to keep a positive attitude. After all, no one teacher, no single best textbook no the coolest courses will not teach you the language if you will of the main. There will be no incentive to learn.