To learn German words, you can write them out wordOC in random order or alphabetically. Every day need to try to remember at least five words in total in the year is a decent figure. Method works if you have little time for analysis and creativity. Repeat them aloud as many times as you want to the words bounced off the teeth. To be able to remember at the right time, it is better to group them by topic.
Some people learn words from specific texts. Choose an excerpt of artwork and trying to memorize it. Text memorize whole paragraphs, while understanding the meanings of sentences do not have. A good way to improve speaking skills in German. It is advisable to choose the texts are modern, practical and useful in wide circles vocabulary.
German words can you remember if you write them on separate cards: one translation with another word in the German language. You need every day to train your memory, scanning the card and find out what was good and what I need to study. The same technique – memorizing the German words for the pictures, photos, diagrams.
Well remembered borrowed words and word-internationalisms. They are recognizable and understandable. Try not to mix them with the false friends of a translator. For example, the Spirt is not only alcohol, but also the gasoline and fuel oil.
Learn words in the word-formative elements. For example, the prefix un - adds the importance of opposition, for example, аbhängig – dependent, unabhängig independent. Console fort– remove fortfahren to go. The suffix -bar means being prepared, trinkbar – suitable for drinking.
To learn more of German words, you need to know the laws of word formation. Remember, the translation is done from the end of words. Forschungsschwerpunkt – the main problem of the research (Forschung – research, Schwerpunkt – main link).