You will need
  • - books and Newspapers in German; Express courses; - stickers; - skype; - language courses in Germany.
The overriding factor will be your motivation. If you know that you need to master during the year of the German language in order to get trained in the coveted College, you will surely do everything possible to make your dream come true. If you have decided to learn German only for the sake of self-education, you will have to artificially motivate themselves. Buy yourself nice things for each successfully completed job, hang around the apartment slogans "Doctrine of power", "Hard to exercise – easy in battle". This will spur you to actively learn the language.
If you have the opportunity, enroll in Express courses. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher you in a few months possess a decent conversational German.
Not only children, but adults are easier to learn by playing. Write on colored stickers on the German name of your existing household items and hang them on labeled them things. What would you do in my apartment – I went to the fridge, opened the window, took out a mug – you'll see the names of surrounding objects translated into German. Thus, you will very quickly expand your vocabulary.
Read books and Newspapers in German. The choice of publications should be approached with the mind. Most likely, if you take a volume of the classics, to read you it will be a long, reluctant, and unlikely to progress in language learning. Choose publications that interest you. Beginners should prefer books for children and German yellow press.
Communicate with native speakers. Chat on forums, talk on Skype. Chat with your buddies from Germany will help you to communicate confidently in German, and the result you will notice after a month or two.
The immersion gives great results when learning a language. However, there are some nuances. This method should select those who have basic knowledge in German, and who want to quickly develop them. Choosing a language course in Germany, the first thing sercices to spend time with Russian friends, you will have so much fun together, but is unlikely to enhance your language. Go to the local clubs, walk around the city, make local friends, and you will quickly achieve amazing results.