The kit xenon bulbs included block ignition of the lamp and the lamp itself. Unit ignition needed to supply the high voltage (25,000 volts) pulse to the lamp, with the result that starts the ionization of the xenon, and the lamp starts to ignite. In the combustion mode of the lighting device requires little power, about 35 watts.
To determine the fault, carefully remove the block-headlights xenon lamp. Inspect it visually. Disconnect the lamp wire coming from the blockand ignition.
Connect the wire blockand ignition to another good xenon flash lamp. If the lamp lights up, it means the matter is likely in the lamp. If the lamp is not lit, then the faulty block of the ignition, and it will have to change. The unit is a chip, in sealed iron case. They account for five generations, the most common and reliable are considered a unitand fourth generation, so when choosing new lamps give preference to them.
Buy lamp unit ignition which can be replaced in case of failure.
Don't forget that to touch the xenon bulb carefully, using a tissue or rubber gloves. The bulb is quite fragile, and fat traces from fingers can lead to a change in emission spectrum.
Also, be aware that when you install xenon headlights should also be established a system of automatic adjustment of angle of inclination and paramilitary to counter light not to blind drivers traveling in the opposite direction.