You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - serviceable xenon lamp;
  • - new ignition (if necessary).
Disconnect the battery wire with the sign "minus". Check the fuse corresponding to the exterior lighting system of the vehicle. If necessary, replace it with new one.
Check the connections of the wires coming from the ignition and anchoring of contacts, which may be weakened in the process operation of the vehicle. If your machine is set to a non-xenon*, it's likely the headlights have the adapter from the base for halogen lamps to the xenon lamps. Exclude the fault. *- non-xenon drivers are called xenon lights installed on their own, the regular xenon is set by the manufacturer.
Change the xenon lamp in the headlight for a new one, perhaps the reason lies in the it burnout. If you've checked and fixed all possible problems in the system of outdoor lighting, but the headlight still does not light, therefore, nesprin the ignition of the xenon. To spend time disassembling and Troubleshooting it hardly makes sense, as the unit is sealed, the electronic circuit Board inside it is soldered to the resin. So just purchase and install a new ignition.
Securely fasten the new ignition mounting bracket and screws. Connect the power supply, observing polarity, and then wire going from the ignition to the xenon lamps. Secure the cable harness. Connect the negative cable to the battery. Turn on the lights. If one of the lights is out even after replacing the ignition, you need to look for the cause of the malfunction in the wiring.