To put the xenon on the car or not? This question torments many car owners. Of course, the xenon is the best solution for automotive lights at the moment. Why this is so, we shall understand later, but for now a bit of history. The inert gas xenon in 1898 from the air was identified by British scientists M. Travers and William Ramsay. It is a product of air separation into nitrogen and oxygen.
In turn, a xenon lamp was developed by Philips and its application in vehicles they first found in 1992.

Hid xenon lamp have no filament unlike halogen, and in fact it often collapses under the influence of vibration and due to natural wear and tear. Therefore, and serve as a xenon lamp is about five times more. However, if such light is not provided by the manufacturer, to install it need a new lamp special optics with lenses, two control unit and two transformers for voltage amplification.

How much it will cost not the regular xenon?

What can we say, the cost of xenon lamps is several times the cost of halogen. Even though most often the control unit and transformer are enclosed in a single housing, the price tag from that not much reduced. In addition, to avoid blinding oncoming traffic, you need to install special lights and the automatic adjustment of the angle of the headlights. Such rules are well established in Europe, but in Russia illegally, or as it is called "the farm" xenon yet prohibited. Resulting self-installation of such lights will cost a considerable amount, the value of which depends on the brand of the machine.
Most modern cars of foreign production are equipped with regular xenon lights, but on the domestic models such opportunities are still not provided.

Advantages of xenon lamps

Why should you install on your car that xenon lamps? First- their service life is much higher than that of halogen, why less have to replace them, and hence to spend money. Second – xenon consumes approximately 40% less electricity, which leads to fuel economy. Optics xenon bulb is heated much less. But the most important advantage is the strong brightness of the emitted light, which provides a more safe motion in almost any weather conditions. At the same time that the pros are not turned into cons, to change regular light car xenon must correctly.

Disadvantages of xenon lamps

As previously mentioned, improper installation of xenon light can cause significant glare to oncoming drivers, and according to Russian legislation it provides for stringent punishment, including deprivation of driving license. Another drawback is the need to "warm up" for a few seconds at startup, and if you frequently turn on / off the light, it is possible to significantly shorten the life of xenon lamps. Oh, and finally, the cost of such lamps is high, and the setup takes time.


What conclusions can we draw? Whether you want to spend a lot of money to install hid xenon system is the standard, most often halogen lighting? The answer is simple – if done according to the rules, it's worth. And such costs will not call in vain or excessive. After all, to change the xenon bulbs will have less of the other in connection with the longevity of the work, and the safety is enhanced.