You will need
  • Wrenches, screwdrivers, awl, vise, hammer and tongs.
Inspect your faulty moped and determine which parts need replacement or repair. New best to book in a workshop or in a specialized store. For details, don't skimp – they many times pay for itself in the future, moreover, depends upon the quality of your safety on the road. Invite your more experienced friend to help you repair.
First, thoroughly wash and dry your bike. Remove elements that will prevent you in the process of repair. If damaged parts have small sizes, it makes sense to include them on the table – so it will be much easier to deal with them.
Detaching separate elements of a moped, remember their sequence. Don't forget that ultimately the entire design will have to collect back. Dismantled parts in clean gasoline or wipe with a cloth soaked in it. Start to disassemble with the front wheels, the boot and racks. Inspect even the smallest items that may affect the performance of the bike.
If the item is badly rusted or has visible defects - chips, curvature, dents, without hesitation replace it. It won't last. After you have all carefully examined and removed the damaged part, carefully lubricate every detail.
Assemble the design in reverse order, instead of the old parts, put new Try not to forget even the smallest details – they are no less important than those same wheels and the steering wheel. It is better not to stretch the repair for a long time, if possible, do everything in a day or two. Otherwise, it is easy to forget something or to lose small parts.