You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wire with little resistance;
  • - grip and indicator light 12 V.
Start with removing the starter. Then carefully snap it into the prepared vise. Then the two wires should be connected to the lower terminal to the starter frame and attaching them to the battery terminals. Good starter immediately work. In this case, you need to check the solenoid, and in case of malfunction it must be replaced.
It is possible that the starter will not spin. The reason for this must be sought in the windings and brushes. To establish an accurate "diagnosis" float uninsulated brushes, disconnect the output of the shunt coil insulated from the brush holder, and then by unscrewing the screws, remove the insulated brush holders.
Then connect to the starter frame and the coil terminal wire from the indicator bulb. Don't forget that the starter at this point must be connected to the battery. With intact, undamaged coil the bulb will light up.
The anchor on the subject of mezhvidovoi circuit is tested on a special stand. Diagnostics are not necessary if the removal and disassembly of starter you have felt a smell of burning insulation. In this case, the output of one starter replacement. But suppose the winding is intact. Then check the brushes in the starter, using the same indicator friendly, connecting it to the insulated brush holder and ground. Defective items must be replaced.
If enabled, the starter is unable to scroll through the engine, the fault is likely the Bendix. It should be replaced. With difficulty rolling the starter of the fading light on the dashboard mean he "assumes". In this case, you should check the contacts and battery voltage. If everything was intact, then remove and disassemble the starter. If the problem is too much friction, then change the bushings. It is also possible that there was a breakthrough windings.