Make a record of the General meeting of owners of garden sites. The document should be recorded the decision on the creation of gardening noncommercial Association, the appointment of its Board and Chairman. The Protocol is signed by all members of the General Assembly.
Prepare the Charter of the future organization. Specify in detail the procedure for the organization of the garden Association, the rights and obligations of members, conditions of membership. List the management bodies (CEO, Board, General meeting) the procedure for their appointment and competence. Describe, at the expense of public funds (contributions of members of the partnership) will form the Foundation for what purpose it can be used to specify the order of control over its spending. The Charter also needs to be a paragraph about the actions in case of reorganization and liquidation of the organization.
Pay the state fee in any branch of the savings Bank for the creation of a legal entity. Contact with the prepared documents (minutes of the General meeting, the Charter of the horticultural society, a receipt for payment of the state duty) to the tax office. Complete the application for registration of the partnership. The decision on registration is taken by the tax authorities within seven working days. After obtaining the state registration certificate of legal entity order a company seal open a Bank account.