You will need
  • Internet access, computer, e-mail.
In the top right of the website click "Login". Page opens with a login form and a link to create a new account. Click on the green button "Create account" on next page.
Enter the desired user name in the top row. If you are using simple login, to save time, verify whether your version. To do this, to the left of the text input field click on "Check availability". If the name is already someone uses, next to the link displayed the word "disabled", and just below, in the window that appears, you will see a list of the available suggested names.
In the next unit, you will be prompted to create a password on the account. To do this, enter a combination of invented characters. The developers of Steam is recommended to use a unique password for your service.
To register a steam account will need a valid mailbox. After creating an account you will need to confirm it. Add the title of the mail in the appropriate field.
In the registration form Steam service there is additional protection in the form of a secret question. You choose one of six proposed options and add your answer.
Read carefully the picture with the characters, which is under the field security question. If you are unsure of certain letters or numbers, click "Update". After that, the system will display a new option. Enter all recognized characters in the lower text box.
After filling in the basic data, you will be asked to read the text version of the Steam subscriber agreement. Read it carefully and tick the relevant acceptance conditions. Then, click on "Create account".
If any field was filled in incorrectly, the updated page, it will be encircled by a yellow frame. Again, carefully check and complete the registration. If after clicking "Create account" opened the main page of the site, your account has been created.