To create flutes of rain you will need a dry Hogweed, which is best to gather closer to the middle of autumn. Choose a fairly thick stems with solid walls without cracks and chips. If you do a short flute rain, it will be enough to take one knee Hogweed.
If you want to make a long tool you need to punch something long and solid partitions between knees Hogweed from the inside. Hogweed must be before the work is fully dried and you have to make sure that the inside of the stem is not rot and mildew. If necessary, the stem can be dry at home, pulling him along the entire length of thread and rope, to avoid cracking.
Clearing a stem inside and out, take a sharp toothpick and start from the top down to pierce the stem in a spiral, making a neat and uniform openings. Make one above the other along the entire length of the stem with four spiral.
Protruding outside ends of the toothpicks cut or crushed. One end of the flute rain tightly close the cork or piece of foam, and at the other end of the pour half a Cup of rice or buckwheat. After that, close the top hole and flip the stalk to hear, are you satisfied with the sound.
Tightly close the upper and lower hole, and for strength and beauty, wrap it with cloth or thick pankovym cord.
Out ready for the rain flute cover of two layer of varnish.