Information technology becoming more and more included in the life of modern man. If before use IT has been given a narrow range of specialists, now even the most conservative profession can not do without the use of computer programs. That is why computer science was introduced into the school curriculum.Students learn the content of the discipline much better than adults. Many students already have home computers, and they are happy to improve their knowledge. Those who do not have a PC, get the skills they need in the future. After all, the studies either focus need to be put into printed form a variety of control, course, job work using graphs, charts and tables. So, a future student cannot do without a text editor.In addition to obtaining important practical knowledge in science lessons children learn to find information and work with the received data. Getting the necessary materials through the Internet, students learn to structure, summarize, and organize large amounts of information. This has a positive effect on the whole educational process in General.Computer science – a record for the number of interdisciplinary connections. The skills acquired during studying this subject, are used in the study of the exact Sciences (computer modeling, extraneous graphics) and in work on the Humanities disciplines (various presentations).Many experts have questioned the feasibility of teaching the basics of programming in the school course of Informatics. Indeed, these skills will be useful not for all students. But from the point of view of career guidance of future graduates this section of the curriculum is extremely important. Try your hand at this activity, for young people it is easier to make a choice.