Consciousness is poorly developed, so this habit continues to expect to guide us, and we put a new illusory goal, which finally (as tells us the inner ear) will bring a lot of fun! This is all an illusion, to escape from which can be very difficult.

This expectation is sitting on the inside constantly, even when doing something not at the computer. Did the deed, became a free - running run to the screen to back to slavery to go. This desire is especially strong in the morning, when the mind still not woke up from sleep, when the will power not yet manifest itself. In this state it is very difficult to do something to get rid of dependence, especially when there is the opportunity to sit behind the computer.

Screen addiction destroys the mind, affects the physical and psychological health, harms relationships and generally the social formation of personality. People literally lagging behind on many parameters. And it is not always thus aware of his slavery. But in order to understand enough to try to do without the computer at least a few days. Yes, some few days, most even a few hours will not stand, not to sit at the computer, go online! Willpower almost completely atrophied, and the desire for consciousness are insurmountable.

You should be free gradually, using all available means. There is a possibility - ask for help to a psychologist. First, learn to plan your activities at the PC and perform all scheduled with high precision. Record and plans, and execution time on the paper that needs to be constantly before my eyes. Try to gradually reduce their destructive actions, increasing positive. For example, instead of watching fighters documentary and educational films, instead of listening to music - audiobooks. Try behind the screen to do something useful: work, training, earnings, business communication, and the like. It will not come overnight, but gradually low negative effects can be reduced to zero.

Also reduce seat time behind a PC, transfer those actions that I did on the Internet, in reality. You can start live chat with online friends, unable to find a decent job that does not require using a PC. Or start to attend courses, training sessions, who want to live for their development. Gradually your life will spill over from the virtual to the real earthly reality. And you will sigh with relief, dropping this heavy load according to the computer. Have no permanent expectation of something pleasant in the future, no longer sleepless heavy nights spent in vain for game or network has no problems with health, communication, General personal development, which were caused by the addiction.