You will need
  • - medical card;
  • - certificates of exam results in the subjects required for admission to the history Department;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Make sure you have no diseases that could hamper your desire to become an archaeologist. The archaeologist must have a healthy heart, he should not suffer hypertension, seizures, disorders of hearing and speech. The obstacle is diabetes, hemorrhoids, certain skin diseases, severe loss of vision with the inability of correction, diseases of the digestive system and allocation system and infectious disease, passed into the chronic form. The archaeologist does not have to suffer with drug or alcohol addiction. Get tested and consult your local doctor.
Archaeology is a specialization, which is obtained on the undergraduate history departments. There is a specialized institution with branches in different cities of Russia – Moscow archaeological Institute. To begin preparing for future research activities in the College (in particular, teaching with a social orientation). You need specialty 050401 – History. But in the future you will still have to do in high school.
If you want to go to College right after high school, carefully study not only the history and the items needed to obtain the passport, but also such disciplines as physics, chemistry and geography. All these Sciences are very useful in the work. Very useful is also the ability to draw and work with the camera. Which academic disciplines you will need certificates, you can go to higher educational institutions after February 1, but in any case, the certificate on the history you need.
Type in the search engine following specialties: 030400, 030401, 050401 - History or 030402 - a Historical and archival study. See which colleges you can get these specialties with qualification "bachelor of history", "master of history" or "history teacher". Select the one which has a Department of archaeology. Having specialization in this Department, you can get qualification 72251 – Archaeology.