For console connection, ensure that wireless connection to the Internet is active. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the PS3 if connected to the system.
Turn on the Playstation 3 and select Network Settings ("network Settings") in "Settings" (Settings) from the main menu.
Select Internet Connection Settings ("Configure Internet connection") and select Yes ("Yes") when the system displays a new screen with a message that you're disconnected from the Internet.
Select Easy ("Easy") on the next screen asking what type of installation you want to use.
Select Wireless ("Wireless") since the introduction of the question of what type of Internet connection you use.
Select Scan ("Scan") on the next screen. The system will search all available Internet connections nearby.
Select the home Internet connection when the screen POPs up displaying the available options. Select security settings and enter your encryption key. Save the settings.
Check the connection by selecting Test Connection ("Test connection"). If the connection is successful, the screen will display information about the network. To connect the PS3 via Ethernet cable go to next step.
Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the PS3 and the other to the Ethernet port on the modem.
Turn on the PS3. The system must connect to the Internet automatically.
If this happens, you need to specify the PS3 connection settings. Open the Settings menu ("Settings", then press the x button. then Select Internet Connection Settings ("Settings-Internet connections", then press the X button again. Select Yes when you receive a warning that the connection is interrupted. Select Wired Connection ("Wired connection", and click X. Select the Easy ("Easy") and the PS3 console will automatically set up the Internet connection. Click "Save".
Select the Test Connection ("Test connection" to confirm that the PlayStation 3 system connected to the Internet.