You will need
  • - two straight spokes;
  • - tailoring meter;
  • yarn;
  • - cotton thread to match the Jersey;
  • - contrasting thread;
  • needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors for removal of basting;
  • - lightning at the height of the shelves.
When the pattern sweatshirts from precisely calculate the width of the right and left shelves to keep the stock in knitted strap for sewing the zipper.
When calculating the elements of a cut do not forget that straps between the future must remain a place with metal or plastic teeth and looseness in the slider. Of course, the zipper of the right size should be prepared in advance.
Before carrying straps for zippers be sure to link the sample front surface 10 cm in length to Measure distance from bottom of shirt to the top edge of the collar is the length of the strap of the future. Accurate calculations will help you to get loops on the edges of the product.
Turn work and with wrong side of sweater, type of hinges for the bottom layer of the strap. Knit it using as reference the facial detail. Last, close the loop.
Similarly, the double bar with the right edge of the shelves. All items must be done absolutely symmetrical! Strap should not pull the edge of the jackets, nor gather her in an unattractive build.
Unzip the zipper and insert the halves of the double bar. Baste fabric zipper thread of contrasting color from the bottom to the top.
Open and close own castle if he went right, you can sew the zipper to the jacket copy thread to match the fleece, and fasteners. This can be done manually hidden seam, or to make the engine line. The basting carefully remove with scissors.
A worthy alternative to double-strap – hollow gum. It is no less convenient for sewing the zipper to a knitted item. For the elastic, calculate the required number of loops on the model of the facial surface. Multiply the resulting number by 2. For example: if in a knitted sample of length 10 cm is placed 15 loops for hollow elastics the same length, you need to dial a total of 30 stitches.
In the first row of a hollow gum do the following sequence: 1 face loop; the following loop is removed nepovezane. The working thread is always before the loop!
In the second and subsequent rows of hollow gum removed the loop to knit. Knit in front in the previous row of loops, by contrast, removed nepovezane. Follow the bar pattern until you reach the desired width.
Start to sew the zipper to the sweater with the bottom of the work. Gradually liberate small areas of a hollow gum on the spokes. In the opened part of the strap, insert the corresponding part of the clasp. Sew the open loop: the needle must pass through the front open eyelet through the fabric of the zipper and go through the open loop on the reverse side of the product.
Continue until you sew the entire zipper. So, you carefully close the open edge of a hollow gum and sew the zipper to the placket. You will just have to build the final connecting line on the sewing machine.