Pay the state fee for registration of a legal entity, it will need to be attached to the documents.
Make a statement in the form Р11001 "the Statement on state registration of the legal entity at creation".
Prepare copies of the following documents: Statute of the enterprise, Foundation Treaty (if there are several founders), the Protocol or the decision of the General meeting on the establishment of the founder. If you plan that the entity will use the simplified taxation system, attach the statement to the right of its use.
All copies of documents along with the application, assure at the notary. This will require the original documents and certificates on INN assignment/transmission, etc., Check with the notary in advance what documents he will need to provide.
Attach the receipt or payment order on state duty payment to the statement and the package of documents with a cover letter send them to the tax authority at the place specified in your founding documents as the legal address.
Fabricate a printing company. For this workshop the manufacture of seals you need to provide copies of the Charter, certificate of registration, Protocol approval stamp or seal, certificate of incorporation may take the passport of the General Director.
Will receive codes of statistics reflecting the economic activity of a legal entity. Stand on the account in off-budget funds and will receive notification from them confirming the registration.
Open a Bank account. To do this you must write to the Manager a statement requesting opening of the account, notarially certified copies of constituent documents, certificates on registration and statement on the tax account, the certificate on assignment of codes OKPO of the statistical authority, notification of extra-budgetary funds. You will also need to apply for a card with samples of signatures and press it against orders confirming powers specified in the card of officials. After that sign the contract for banking services and begin their activities.