You will need
  • - data on costs and profits of the enterprise;
  • calculator
It is necessary to distinguish indicators of economic efficiency and economic efficiency. The first of these is a result of the activities of enterprises in absolute terms. It can be attributed to the amount of sales, revenues or profits. Is calculated as follows: e = N-SN is the result deyatelnosti Costs
This effect is expressed in rubles. As an example we can consider the introduction of a new line for the production of lemonade gives economic effect in year 100 million.
Positive economic impact is observed when the results justify the costs. This is the profit. If the value of the resources expended exceeds the results obtained, there is a negative economic impact or loss.
Economic efficiency is a relative measure that acknowledged the result with the resources spent on it. It can be defined by the formula: EF = P/Z
The main company activity is profit. However, using it is very difficult to draw valid and accurate conclusions about the profitability of the event. It is therefore advisable to use in the analysis of efficiency indicators of profitability. They are in the form of a ratio or percentage. It is possible to allocate the following factors, which are used in the calculations: return on sales, assets, equity etc.
Annual or cumulative effect is determined, if there is a positive effect over a long period of time. GEF = p t-ЗtПt is the results of the calculation period tЗt the cost of the event, the estimated period t