Define generalized indicators of socio-economic efficiency. This group includes: integral income, payback period, profitability index. If our innovation is provided for the production of upgraded products, shall include the following indicators: indicator quality, competitive price, the volume of import-substituting production and exports.
It is necessary to calculate the result of the inflow of funds (profit) from implementation of the project. To profit, you must include: revenues from sales on the domestic and foreign markets, direct financing, indirect financial results, revenues from other sales.
Counting all the costs of the project. Calculated as the sum of the costs of production and operation of the project.
Take into account time factors. The funds at the time of implementation of the project have greater value than in subsequent years.
Taking into account related results. Implementation of the project, with equal effects with other counterparts in the market. The result includes: the difference value of the cost of production, reducing the actual damage, not the volume of manufactured products, with simple equipment.
To account for risk and uncertainty and a way forward in case of unfavorable outcome.
It should be noted that determination of the effectiveness abroad – this is a very topical field of problems. But foreign methodology has several disadvantages:
- there is not a reasonable approach to the choice of the calculation period;

- no guidance on accounting for losses with the change of the working equipment;

- modified the problem of the annual inflation.
Thus, it is better to use the methodology tested by many users.