You will need
  • computer;
  • paper;
  • - Internet;
  • - loved ones.
Write the goal you want to achieve, submitting its application. Usually it is formulated in one sentence. Please indicate in what professional field you want to work place. Not necessarily to talk about the position. Better specify the scope of activities or level position on the enterprise. The HR Department must immediately understand that you are focused when writing this section.
Write a brief description of their skills. It is, in fact, the quintessence of all that you have studied in school and University time and also practical experience that you've gained up to this point. This paragraph also includes foreign languages. The description should not be cumbersome – 3-4 sentences max. Be clear and concise during the whole summary.
Tell us about your professional experience. Here you need to detail the experience. If you just graduated, you will need to skip to the next step of "Education". If you've had to work, then tell us about it. List all jobs in reverse chronological order. Fit also different kinds of part-time work and piecework activities. Important your entire experience.
Specify the duration of stay in the workplace, positions you held and achievements you have achieved. Write everywhere and always only the truth. Do not exaggerate your skills or successes, as it will become known, and you will lose respect, which is much more serious loss of jobs.
Fill in the column "Education", enter additional information. Use the same reverse order, indicating the date of receipt of all types of education: secondary, higher (if any), training courses, etc.
Tell me about your proficiency(and) the language(s), and also about the other skills (computer, driving). If you have scientific sanction in a particular area, write about them, enclosing copies of diplomas. Write briefly about your Hobbies and interests.
Check all items carefully for errors. In summary there should not be errors at all, if you have seriously decided to apply for the desired position. Let me read your creation for close people or even the teacher of the Kazakh language.