You will need
  • - kurai;
  • - mirror.
Before you start learning to play the Kuray, the practice on any tube of small diameter. Place it between the front teeth, while lip closes the tool, and the bottom is slightly ajar. The tip of the tongue rests on the edge.
Then try to blow. Note that the language should not break away from the edge. Blow with the sound TDSS. Lips do not close, they should be slightly parted in a smile, but one side needs to be pressed to the tool.
When you're blowing, you may feel dizzy, as the exhalation must be very stressful. Take a short break and the dizziness will pass.
Practise breathing. Take it by mouth, try not to raise the shoulders. Blow hard, but at the same time. To play the Kuray requires a large supply of air in the chest. The breath should be done as deeply as possible and exhale a lot harder than the inspiratory phase. The depth of a breath depends on the length of the sound, it will come with experience.
To work correctly, practice in the mirror. Try to keep your face wasn't tense. Your face shouldn't resemble a mangled mask.
The pitch of the sound extracted by clamping holes the thumb, index and ring fingers. Do not strain your fingers. Hole close tightly.
The most difficult is to learn the game chest voice. Find an experienced contractor on the chicken, which will teach you to play this wonderful instrument. Then you can remove the "quiet, melancholic and soulful sounds, which are quite well reproduce reverie Bashkir melodies", wrote about kurai Russian folklorist S. G. Rybakov.
If you do not have such capabilities, look for a book by T. M. Nuriev, A. T. Nureyev "Learn to play the Kuray" (ABC kuraist). Sterlitamak, 1997. This is a great tutorial of playing the instrument. All jobs do consistently. Exercise daily at least for 30-40 minutes.