You will need
  • - игра World of Warcraft.
In order to always win the roll in the game of World of Warcraft, download or email yourself a special macro. A macro is an element that is created on the basis of written information, providing the repetition inherent in a scenario. If you decide to write it yourself, list it the following code: /run SendChatMessage(".../124c00FFFF00/124h/13"..UnitName("player").." rolls a "..random(80,100).." (1-100)124h124r");
The macro is placed in a special game menu, then it is not necessary to restart, just navigate to the receiving roll. Please note that if you use patched or pirated versions of the game World of Warcraft may encounter errors or crash the program. Also note that for it to work you may need a patch to improve the game to a certain level.
When using macros, third-party developers always check them for malicious code. Please note that when a macro is used to rolland see only you and not your opponents.
If you play World of Warcraft on the network, it is best to take on their own tasks and try as little as possible to use the cheat codes and additional materials in the form of macros and hacked items, it doesn't increase your level of game, and in multiplayer mode, they may not be available.
When using the known game servers game may be harder in terms of passing, so gain experience and skills on their own. Try to spend less time at the computer, especially online games, as it is very addictive. Don't forget to read books and to play sports.