1 line of talent (here will be explained line by line to select talents how and why they were chosen).
Master of elements - this talent is useful in prolonged fighting without respite for a long time helps to keep attacking spells.Burning soul - of course you will choose a weak target and easy to kill. To prevent the interruption of spells, you should take this talent.2 row.
Ignition is a mandatory talent, one of the basics of the game for a mage of Fire.
Fire power - increases the effectiveness of the "Fire sphere" and increases your fire damage.
Shaking - as fire mage can boast of their damage over time spells, this talent will be very useful for distribution of such spells.3 string.
Blast - spell, good slows all targets in radius and deals nice damage for only 1 point of talent. Definitely take it.The path of fire - chance for instant "Fire block"! It is worth spending for the sake of 1 point talents.
Severe burns - if you have the mana, you can cast the spell "Burn", while mana recovers.4 string.
The fire - very painful beating the spell. You need fire mageM.
A bright path of fire - continuing the theme of "Path of fire".
The arsonist - "Burn" on the fly is sometimes very useful.5 string.
The searing pillar of fire - this talent gives us instant "pillar of Fire" + pronouncing it the same cost no mana under certain conditions.
Dragon's breath - we need to move towards latest abilities of the magician.
Red-hot fury - it helps in the last phase of the fight, when the enemy is below 35% health.6 string.
Critical mass is a very large increase in damage.
Pyromaniac - you can not take it if you are not going to hang on a few opponents with your spells.7 string.
Living bomb - first of all, this is the last talent, and secondly - a very powerful spell.
Total we have 8 talent points, and the question immediately arises where to distribute them, not to be mistaken with a choice?5 points we spend on the branch of arcane magic. Take the Winds of emptiness (3 talent) and arcane focus (talent 2)the Remaining 3 points in the talent Piercing ice in the branch of Ice.