You will need
  • - a computer that meets the system requirements of WoW;
  • is a registered World of Warcraft account;
  • - the game client.
Choose your side and race. At the dawn of the game, the paladins were able to play only the representatives of the Alliance, however the Horde players too. The Alliance paladins can be:
- People
- Dwarves,
- Draenei.

The Horde the choice is smaller: only the blood Elves and the Tauren. Each race has its advantages, but the best bonus for battles against players in the General opinion is the ability of a Person. Dwarves skilled in handling hammers, and Draenei have increased accuracy of shots. As for the Horde, for the battle against players more fit the blood Elves that have the ability to interrupt the spells cast by opponents. The Tauren as increased health, it makes sense for tanks, and also have the ability to stun multiple enemies at the same time.
The paladin can perform all three roles: damage as a DD (Damage Dealer) in the thread "Retribution", to treat the allies (specialization "Light") and to take damage from monsters, protecting group, by choosing the specialization "Protection". At any time, specialization can change, but we must bear in mind that the armor and weapons that are ideally suited, for example, "Retribution", will be almost useless for "Light".
If you're gonna play alone, then the most convenient option is to choose the Retribution, at least while leveling. As a DD paladin perfectly performs tasks and destroy monsters, and the ability to wear heavy armor and heal makes the paladin threat even to enemies above his level. In the group of the same dungeon more willing to invite a paladin-tank or healer because DD usually lack in the game.
The paladin has the ability to impose permanent positive effects on all your group - blessings. Don't forget to follow them and change depending on the current situation and the group that your blessings do not overlap with the permanent effects other members of the group or RAID.

The unique ability of the paladin is Divine shield, which protects him from any damage or control within 8 seconds. If you need to save a group member from death, you may use the spell "hand of protection", which gives immunity to all physical attacks for 10 seconds.