You will need
  • • Write a statement;
  • • to pay the state duty;
  • • take photos 35x45 mm;
  • • to produce documents.
Make 2 photos of 35x45 mm. In the case that you intend at the time of registration of the new passportand get a temporary identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation, you will need 4 photos. In some divisions of the FMS of Russia has the opportunity to take photos when applying.
Pay legal costs. The amount of the fee pre-specify as the amount to be charged for issuing a new document instead of worn or lost, slightly higher than in other cases.
Please contact your regional office of the FMS of Russia (the passporttion table) at your place of residence or stay. Bring photos and the receipt on state duty payment, and also:
• birth certificate (upon issuance of a new passportand at the age of 14 years);
• documents certifying change of personal data;
• the documents necessary for putting in a new blank passportand mandatory marks (birth certificates of children, marriage/divorce, military ID, etc.);
• the old form passport (in case of replacement);
• documents confirming Russian citizenship (if citizenship need to be clarified).
Complete an application form for the issuance/replacement of passportand of the established sample. This statement may be executed by hand or on a printer or typewriter.Please note that the Single portal of state and municipal services of the Russian Federation allows its registered users to apply for the issuance of the passportand online.
Turn in completed application to the employee of Federal migration service Department together with the old form passportand other necessary documents. Get a temporary ID if you need it. Specify the date when will be ready your new passport.
Visit your territorial division FMS at the appointed time. Review the information listed on the application form passportand. If when you check you find any inaccuracies, report it immediately to the employee of the FMS. Again to pay a fee for a corrected form.
Turn the FMS employee a temporary ID card if you receive it. Place the samples of their signatures on the letterhead of the passportand on the application for issuance of passport. Receive from the employee all the documents you gave to the mandatory affixing of marks, and take your new passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.