Advice 1: When the passport becomes invalid

Every citizen of Russia is faced with the receipt and replacement of the passport. To carry out such an important procedure should be the three times in life – at 14, 20 and 45 years. If you don't receive or not to replace the passport, then you can be fined for a decent amount. When the passport becomes invalid?
When the passport becomes invalid
Many people simply do not want to delve into the process of obtaining or replacing passports. But in vain! After all, everyone should know their rights and possess the minimum knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. Otherwise you will have to pay once and not a little amount. That is why you need a little bit to understand the procedure for the replacement passport and to take into account the time after which the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation become invalid.

When you need to and to change the passport

The information age in which you want to receive or change the passport available and known to all – first person to obtain this document in 14 years, then changes to 20, and after replacing the passport in 45 years they can use the rest of your life. Information about the timing of the replacement passport you will also be able to find on the last page of the document. In principle, it's easy to remember the expiration dates of Russian passports and, of course, to try to replace it in time.

When the passport becomes invalid

It should be noted that, by law, the passport remains valid for one month from the date of execution to a man of a certain age. For example, if you were 20 years, then over the next month you will need to replace the passport. Of course, you can do this procedure shortly before the birthday. Do not forget about timing. The person who will carry out the replacement passport within 1 month after the execution of 20 or 45 years, will be charged penalty in the amount from 1500 to 2500 rubles. Agree, the sum considerable? Not to cause a significant impact on the budget, is ready in advance to the reference collection, standing in queues, as well as producing your fresh photos.

Other reasons for passport becomes invalid

In addition to the expiry date there are other reasons for which a passport will be worthless (invalid). The document will be instantly void from the moment when it will appear to outsiders inscriptions, drawings, etc. for Example, if your kid scribbled page of the passport with a pen or pencil or you've accidentally scribbled on any of the pages of the document, then you have to apply for a new passport as soon as possible.

The passport also should be replaced in the case when it gets too shabby, worn, etc. the Unsightly appearance of the document does not make it invalid, but to replace it is for your convenience.

Advice 2: When you need to change your passport

A passport is mandatory for any citizen of the Russian Federation. It is a proof of your identity and citizenship. This document contains the name, residence, mark marriage, military status, and other information. This ID must be securely stored.
When you need to change your passport
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, the first passport issued in 14 years. It is made in a period which should not exceed more than 10 days. In many cases, it is given out under the national anthem in a solemn ceremony.

Upon reaching what age you need to change the passport?

Over time people change. The changes relate to his appearance. Because of this, you may need to replace the old passport to the new one. If you didn't change it in time, you will not be able to buy plane tickets and train. It would be a pain if you want to go for a vacation and a new identity no.

It follows that to change this document should promptly and without delay. The citizens definitely need to change the passport on reaching 20 years of age and 45 years of age.
Passport-size photographs should be black and white or color, clear. It is also impossible to take photos in glasses with tinted Windows and wear a hat (except when it is done for religious reasons).

In other cases, you can't just replace the document. This requires certain circumstances:
- change of surname, name or patronymic;
- if you lose a document or have it stolen;
- change of sex;
- if, after receiving this ID it is found typos, mistakes, inaccurate facts, inaccuracies;
- change the information on the date or place of birth;
- a radical change in appearance;
- if the passport became unfit for use due to wear or damage.

What documents are required for passport replacement?

For subsequent replacement passport you will need to pass in regional Department of the Federal migration service:
- the statement in the form 1P;
- receipt about payment of state duty;
- old passport to be replaced;
- 2 photos of size 37х47 mm.
It should be borne in mind that citizens of the Russian Federation who have not surrendered the passport to replace in a timely manner, can be brought to administrative responsibility.

It is worth remembering that officers in addition to the basic documents and may require additional:
- birth certificates of children, divorce or marriage;
- a military ID.

But it's not a tragedy if you will not be able to bring additional documents at the appropriate date. Because the necessary marks can be done after receipt of passport. You also need to carefully apply to the application. It should be written very legibly in black or purple paste. In addition, we cannot allow any mistakes and errors.

Advice 3: In any case, the passport is considered invalid

The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation is not the only identity document, however, it require most organizations. An invalid passport is to be replaced, for the period of making a new citizen may be issued a temporary ID card.
In any case, the passport is considered invalid
The main reason for the need to replace the passport, it's expired. Within 30 days at age 20 and 45 years, the passport is still legitimate and should be taken as an official document of identification. Be careful getting another passport. This should be done only after the birth if the date of issuance and date of birth match, the passport is invalid.

Change of personal data

The change of surname, name, patronymic, date of birth on application by the individual is automatically accompanied by replacement of the passport. In the case that the citizen changed his name after the marriage, he needs to appear in the FMS (Federal migration service) and to initiate replacement of a document independently. When sex-change passport to be replaced in the usual manner ─ the replacement period from one week to 2 months depending on office of the FMS. Need help on sex change, which is issued in the registry office, and a new birth certificate, all other documents standard.

Change in appearance

Major changes in the appearance, for example a fundamental change in hairstyle, plastic surgery and any other changes which make the appearance beyond recognition - is also the reason for the change of passports. If you hair was short and dyed them in bright colors, and the photograph in the passport shows a woman with a strict penalty, it is likely that a passport will refuse to accept as a legitimate document, and it would be legal.

Defacing document

Exposure to liquids, fire and other damaging factors that make the passport invalid. Too much frayed edges, tears, stains from careless storage, creases on the pages also apply to the damage that the passport needs to be replaced.
Random writes, glued pages and childish pranks deprive you of your primary identity document. Children's drawings in the passport - one of the most common reasons for the replacement of a document.

A citizen's right to apply to any branch of FMS. However, the passport office, where he was received the previous or the place of registration takes 7-10 working days in other cases, the production of a passport takes 2 months. House book is not a binding document, the FMS is obliged to make a request, in case you are not able to provide it or turn the FMS is not the place to constantly check. Must bring military ID, birth certificates of children, marriage certificate or its dissolution, to the staff of the FMS could make a new passport necessary data.

For document damage is a penalty, in fact, the FMS staff rarely resorted to administrative penalties. Make an appointment in the FMS on the site of public services ─ it will save time.

Advice 4: The exchange of documents on age - what time

The timing of the exchange of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation by age is fixed in a special decree of the Russian Government. The same document established the other grounds for replacement of an identity document.
The exchange of documents on age - what time
Russian law establishes the duty of citizens to self-replacement of a passport when you reach a certain age. This obligation ensures the availability of relevant information about a particular person in the identity document.

If the age at which the law binds the offensive responsibilities for changing the passport came, and the citizen has ignored the requirement, the document becomes invalid. In this case, is committing an administrative offense for which the person may subsequently be brought to responsibility established by law. In this case, this responsibility does not exempt from the duty on the replacement passport.

The validity of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation

Original Russian passport issued when a person fourteen years of age. As identifying a child document is a birth certificate. First issued a passport is valid until the citizen twenty years of age, after which the document loses its legal significance.

Received in twenty years the passport is valid until reaching forty-five years. Finally, after registration of the passport in forty-five years the citizen can use the document indefinitely, since other age of slats for replacement is not provided. If the deadline for a replacement passport came, and the citizen is on military conscription (at age 20 years), the law allows the possibility to take necessary actions after the end of the service.

How to replace a passport?

The replacement passport is made at the initiative of the citizen, therefore, should take the necessary action to implement this procedure. The law allows an appeal to the immigration authorities within thirty days from the occurrence of age for a replacement passport, but in practice, authorised officers can often recommend to apply in advance, since the production of the passport also takes some time.

Replacement for sufficient to fill in the application on a special form, the form which is presented to a citizen when you visit the authorized body. In addition, you will need to submit the passport to be replaced, and two photographs in the prescribed format.

Advice 5: What the penalty should be for expired passport

Russian legislation getting a passport in 14 years, followed by its replacement at age 20 and 45 years. But not all Russian citizens know all the details of this procedure do not fully understand its importance, therefore, violate the terms of the replacement passport. For which he receives a fine.
What the penalty should be for expired passport
There are certain laws apply for a replacement passport. They account for 30 days from the date of attaining the age of 20 and 45 years. That is, from the date of birth of the passport holder. Unfortunately, many Russians think that to change the passport in for the whole year until they turn 21 or 46 years. And when they come to the passport office, they can expect a very unpleasant surprise – fine.

The fine for an expired passport

From the legal point of view, the concept of "expired passport" is missing. Just after the allotted for a replacement passport 30 days, the document is automatically invalidated. And its owner – a person residing in the territory of Russia with ID null and void and without ID. And for this the administrative code provides certain penalties.

The size of the penalty is from 1500 to 2500 rubles. As a rule, prescribe the minimum amount due is fifteen thousand. Higher penalties apply to willful violators – those who are several years or has repeatedly ignored the requirements of the law.

By the way, the same rule of law can be applied to 14-year-olds who do not appear for a passport in due 30 days after the 14th anniversary. This is very important as for boys and girls is quite a lot of money, and their parents do not always want to bear the additional costs.

By the way, the law stipulates that a citizen in a 30-day period shall submit all necessary documents to the passport office, not to obtain a passport. So, if you appear with the documents on the 30th day, a penalty can not be afraid.

When the penalty can not pay

Each may arise of force majeure, due to which the time to appear at the passport office does not work. Sickness, long trips, trips abroad and much more. In this case, pre-prepare all the documents proving that to be the period prescribed by law was not possible. Documents about the treatment or stay in a boarding house and motels, travel certificates, certificates of employment, tickets, written confirmations of driving is required – all this can serve as a basis of exemption from payment of the fine.

A special relationship to the military, rescuers, firemen and people to work in remote places. Employees of the passport office with respect to their professions and often exempt from payment of penalty only on the basis of their oral statements.

Implications of non-payment of a fine

After receiving the copy of the resolution on imposition of penalty, provided 10 days to challenge it. After the expiry of this period – the 30-day period for paying it. In the case of non-payment of penalty to the defaulter the penalty in the form of a doubled fine or administrative arrest for 15 days. Also the case can be sent to the bailiffs, and they can impose a penalty on the account and the income of the debtor to seize and sell his assets.

Advice 6: What happens if you don't renew a passport

Passport is the main document certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation at departure abroad. The passport has limited validity.
What happens if you don't renew a passport
The procedure for the issue and validity of passports to Russian citizens is regulated by the Federal law No. 114-FZ of 15 August 1996 "On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation".

The validity of the passport

The validity of the identity document of the citizen of the Russian Federation at departure for its limits, are established by article 10 of this regulatory legal act. This section of the act provides that the validity of the passport will vary depending on its type.

So, currently in our country, citizens may be issued passports of two basic types. The first of them - a passport, which is also called document of the old sample. It contains only paper pages, and its duration is set at 5 years from the date of issuance.

The second type of passport which can obtain a Russian citizen, is a so-called document of the new sample. It contains the electronic storage medium on which machine-readable encrypted all the basic information about its owner. Thus, this type of document is considered to be more reliable and protected from fraud. It contains more pages than the ordinary passport and the validity period is doubled and is 10 years old.

The expiration of the passport

After the period of validity of the citizen of the passport expires, it shall apply to the authority of the Federal migration service at the place of residence with the application for issuance of new passport after submitting the relevant documents. In some cases, you have to do it before the end of the period of validity of the passport. For example, the cause for appropriate treatment may be a situation when the free space intended for setting marks on crossing the border, the current passport expired.

In addition, some countries require that the citizen's passport had been even for some time after the end of the trip. For example, the requirement for Russian tourists puts India, which verifies that the passport must be valid for six months after returning from this country.

However, the formal passport of the old or the new sample is valid until the date indicated on the last page as the "end date" or "Date of expiry". But after this date the document becomes invalid, therefore, to travel with him outside the Russian Federation will not work: you can't buy a ticket for this passport to pass the border and customs control, and perform other actions necessary for international travel.
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