In the lives of ordinary motorcyclists sometimes there are situations when you need to start the scooter without a keyif one is lost or broken. Of course, the first thing you need to do in this situation is to make a new key or repair the old one. Either take the scooter to a specialist, or independently disassemble the ignition switch to the core. And all the elements to the smallest details wrap in paper or keep in a case and then still go to a specialist keyM.
If the rider gets into a situation when there is no opportunity to consult specialists, for example, when breakage of the electric starter in the field, start engine without key becomes a necessity. Since the device of the scooter is simple, to start the engine you can use the method with the use of a screwdriver.
First get access to the ignition switch, removing front valance or front fender. On the top and bottom panels of the steering column, locate the screws and Unscrew them. Then gently pry and remove the plastic panels that cover the ignition lock cylinder.
Grab a flat head screwdriver and careful hammer movement in the core of the lock of ignition. Slowly turn the screwdriver clockwise, thereby turning the core of the lock until it stops. In this case, the action of the screwdriver will be similar to the action key.Sometimes it is necessary to turn to the extreme position, not reaching one step, thereby ensuring safety when the engine is started. Otherwise the scooter may "quick start" spontaneously.
Using a screwdriver doesn't guarantee the engine is started and may cause damage to the ignition. In order to avoid such problems in advance take care of acquisition of the two ignition keys.