Advice 1: How to start the scooter without a key

"Scooter" is translated from English means "rolling" and its design is characterized by a high degree of mobility and maneuverability. Most often to start the engine in the scooterused ignition key, but access is not always available.
How to start the scooter without a key
In the lives of ordinary motorcyclists sometimes there are situations when you need to start the scooter without a keyif one is lost or broken. Of course, the first thing you need to do in this situation is to make a new key or repair the old one. Either take the scooter to a specialist, or independently disassemble the ignition switch to the core. And all the elements to the smallest details wrap in paper or keep in a case and then still go to a specialist keyM.
If the rider gets into a situation when there is no opportunity to consult specialists, for example, when breakage of the electric starter in the field, start engine without key becomes a necessity. Since the device of the scooter is simple, to start the engine you can use the method with the use of a screwdriver.
First get access to the ignition switch, removing front valance or front fender. On the top and bottom panels of the steering column, locate the screws and Unscrew them. Then gently pry and remove the plastic panels that cover the ignition lock cylinder.
Grab a flat head screwdriver and careful hammer movement in the core of the lock of ignition. Slowly turn the screwdriver clockwise, thereby turning the core of the lock until it stops. In this case, the action of the screwdriver will be similar to the action key.Sometimes it is necessary to turn to the extreme position, not reaching one step, thereby ensuring safety when the engine is started. Otherwise the scooter may "quick start" spontaneously.
Using a screwdriver doesn't guarantee the engine is started and may cause damage to the ignition. In order to avoid such problems in advance take care of acquisition of the two ignition keys.

Advice 2 : How to make a key for the lock

In the case of loss of key the door lock should not immediately break the door, you can try to produce a duplicate. Well, you have a spare key; in this case, backup is easy to do on this sample. But if the lost key was the only one of its kind, will have to use other methods of recovery.
How to make a key for the lock
You will need
  • - blanks for the key;
  • - nail file or needle file;
  • - bench vise;
  • - tongs.
Use for making a new key directly to the castle itself. This method in the practice of emergency works is called the indentation. It is the most efficient, economical and provides both duplicate and lock opening. The method of indentation is suitable for locks of lever type, device, with pins and cylindrical locking devices.
Take a billet (blank) for a key corresponding to a specific locking device (as an example, consider the cylinder lock). Insert the blank into the lock cylinder, being careful not to exert too much effort. Now grab the head blanks tongs with soft sponges; sponges should be parallel to each other.
Inserted into the cylinder billet turn fully to the right without much effort; otherwise you can break or bend the workpiece. Several times push the workpiece up and down. It is necessary to obtain the ingot of the future key distinct prints.
Proceed to the next cycle. Carefully turn the workpiece to the left. Now remove it from the cylinder. After these actions you will see on the workpiece well enough visible traces from the pins.
Treat yourself with a file or needle file the appropriate sections places where there are traces of markings (print pins).
Repeat the process of marking as long as the cutouts formed by the processing of needle files, will not become the necessary size and depth. Those areas on the workpiece that do not have distinct traces of the markings must not be processed. Areas where the cylinder needs to be a circuit, make perfectly smooth.
During processing of the workpiece needle files remove in a single pass only a small amount of metal. Better then to make another pass than to prevent irreparable marriage work. Work to duplicate it will go a bit slower, but decreases the likelihood that the workpiece will be spoiled.
From time to time insert the blank into the lock cylinder and then pressed. Repeat the operation until then, until the key becomes is unlock the lock.

Advice 3 : How to make vases without the ignition key

The real enthusiast is able not only to perfectly drive a car, but to find a way out of any situation. For example, to make the vases, if the key ignition was lost. Most importantly, to be able to get into the cabin of the car.
How to make vases without the ignition key
You will need
  • Cross screwdriver.
Open the hood of the car. On the battery remove the wire from the terminal "plus".
Go back to the salon. Install the shift lever to the neutral position. Remove the Phillips screwdriver cover the steering column.
Remove the wire harness from the lock of ignition. Locate the red lead and move it to the side. The others connect so that they liaised among themselves. Secure the twist, for example, a paper clip. In this moment begins to run the hardware of the machine.
Pull out the handle of management air zaslonkoj the carburettor, the common people - the "leak". Set the machine on the hand brake and depress the clutch pedal.
The red wire will attach to the wires that you previously connected together. Will start the car. Remove from the twisted red wire. In steady operation of the engine after start-up, smoothly release the clutch pedal and gradually, as growth of frequency of crankshaft rotation, push the control knob to the choke of the carb.
Do not attempt to move. When you try to drive to work the lock on the steering control of the machine.
Useful advice
Not all cars VAZ wire connectors of the ignition switch the same. Some models have a plug/connector with which the wires are removed with an awl. Then you can connect them together in addition to wire red. If you start your car without removing the wires from the battery terminals, then twisting of the wires of the ignition may occur unauthorized engine start and short circuit. After starting the car immediately, remove the red wire from twisting. Otherwise, come out of the starter.

Advice 4 : What scooter is better suited for girls

Motorcycle or scooter today have become a real salvation, especially in big cities. This training for you can easily get to the other end of the city, without spending money on taxis and not pushing on the bus or subway.
What scooter is better suited for girls
In connection with a wide variety of two-wheel vehicles has become difficult to choose the scooter which you would like for the price and design. This problem often faces the beautiful half of the population, since it plays a big role in style scooter.

Features choice

Before you pay from 20 to 80-100 thousand rubles for a scooter, you will need to determine exactly what you would like. You can choose a scooter classic shapes or the same shape. The last kind of scooter looks quite impressive, but poorly versed in the technique of two-wheeled people will think you legacythe on a real motorcycle.

It is not necessary to choose a technique such as scooter, remote — look in online stores or on websites with private ads. First, whatever was externally, scooter, get you through the day after purchase may find that sitting on it is uncomfortable, hands start to go numb quickly, and the capacity is very small. Secondly, if you want to buy such a vehicle from a private seller, it is best to come and view the scooter with a knowledgeable person. Often the owners of scooters in the desire to sell vehicles resort to such tricks, like painting plastic, poor-quality repair of engine components, the change in the mileage records, etc.

The cost of scooters from different manufacturers

To start, you will need to determine your budget. If you want to purchase classics, for example, Japanese scooters HondaDio, HondaLead, YamahaX-Mahi, etc., then you will have to pay a big amount ranging from 50 to 150 thousand rubles. 20-50 thousand rubles you can also buy a decent scooter for girls from companies such as HP, Griphon, Stels or Venta. The only disadvantage of this technique is cheap and plastic wear (in the fall of scooter plastic parts can be formed horrible scratches). Lovers of sporty design will appeal to scooters ForsagePB-14 or YamasakiScorpion.

Why girls should buy a scooter

If you have never ridden a bike or bad keep the balance, then buying a scooter can help in the further development of more powerful techniques. It is on the scooter you can learn to turn, brake, move the weight on the technique, and to drive in heavy traffic vehicles without unpleasant consequences.

A big plus of driving on a scooter is no need to shift gears like on a motorcycle — at this stage of novice motorcyclists is female, there are often problems.

Advice 5 : Why not start the scooter

An important advantage of the scooter is its modesty. Standard fifty CC engine burns not so much the fuel mixture, in comparison with engines larger volume. The scooter on its operation simple and reliable. But, despite all of its advantages, it is the same as other equipment prone to damage.
Why not start the scooter

The main reasons for the failure of the scooter

There are many reasons why the scooter won't start. They include: the discharge of the battery, the malfunction of fuel and timing, deposition of soot on a candle ignition, deformation of the motor belt, the strong wear of the piston component of the engine.

Detailed consideration of each cause

The first reason is the most harmless and easier to identify. Turning the key in the ignition, simply turn on the lights or honk. When the battery is discharged, either one or the other do not succeed. To resolve this problem in two ways:

1) Attempt to start the scooter foot kick-starter that is left on the engine. In this case, the moped starts from the remaining charge on the winding of the generator and after a while the power developed by the armature of the generator and brushes, recharges the battery.

2) connect the battery to the charger for a few hours.
The charger should be set to the same amps as the battery, otherwise it will burn.

A fault in the fuel and the distribution mechanism is not always possible to correct yourself. If the scooter is equipped with injector, then roll back equipment in service, where experts with special equipment will pereproshit chip injector. With the carb situation is much simpler. Most likely the scooter will not start because of a blockage in the nozzle that can blow the ordinary automobile pump, inserting the pump valve to the valve nozzle, or you can do without it. Remove carburetor from engine, disassemble completely and rinse in petrol solution.

Soot may settle on the candle due to non-observance of proportions when mixing gasoline and special oil. But in this case, if the scooter is installed the two-stroke engine, if the engine is four stroke, the problem in the gasoline. Fill fuel with an octane rating above eighty. To solve the problem with the candle can help it burn. Remove the glow plug from the cylinder and hold it up to a flame so that the flame burned the base of the candle. After, clean with fine sandpaper and screw it back.

Deform the motor belt may due to large momentum. It is situated on the same side, where a foot kick-starter is under the engine cover. The belt is a consumable that restore is no longer possible, you will need to buy the auto parts store.
When buying, pay attention to the thickness of the cover and the diameter of the belt.

Piston component includes: cylinder, piston, piston pin, piston ring. Wear at least one part leads to the loss of power, and later simply to breakage. As for the cylinder, it is not necessary to buy new, you can counterbore the old one under repair above zero. The piston ring and the finger it is best to purchase a complete uniform for wear during engine operation.

Advice 6 : How to start a car without battery

The battery has a time resource that is gradually consumed, and its capacity becomes insufficient for the job. Once he can discharge from extended use. In the winter these problems are amplified. As a result, drivers are faced with the problem of factory car without a battery.
How to start a car without battery
Modern cars are equipped with computers and injectors. For them, the best way to plant will be energizing to your machine from the battery to the other. For this there are special wire-clamp terminals. They are sold at any auto shop and very affordable. It's worth to buy them and store in the car, even if you have a new and stable car. You might help someone on the road, giving a jump start.
To make one car from another, put them together, but so that housing is not in contact. You must include a neutral speed and the Parking brake on each car. Secure the wire to the positive terminal outside the battery, then the other end attach to the "plus" worker. For simplicity, the "plus" terminals may be marked in red and minus are black. Then secure the cable on the "minus" infected battery, and then the corresponding terminal outside. Start the working car and leave it to work for 10-15 minutes. After that, not for instance operating a car, try to get one with the low battery.
If the car in whatever was necessary to make, and the wires no one, then you can resort to a permutation of the battery. Remove the batteries from the cars. Put a working battery in a car that failed to start. Do not attach it on the case and do not advance fixing of terminals. Start the car. Not suppresses the engine, carefully disconnect the working battery and place outside. Well secure it and the terminals. We perform these manipulations only if you have confidence in their knowledge and skills.
If the electronics of the machine allows, you can try to start it while driving. It is necessary to bring the vehicle in motion: request that you hauled on the rope, slide down by inertia from the sloping surface or ask help to your car pushed. When the machine is set in motion, turn the ignition switch to work mode and turn on the speed (better to limit first or second). This method is extremely harmful for machines with injected fuel and is conditionally prohibited.

Advice 7 : How to make a scooter

Scooter – type lightweight motorcycle, whose engine is located under the rear seat. This is a fairly common model of vehicle, especially in adolescents and young adults.
How to make a scooter
Select the model of the scooter. They vary by engine size: up to 50 cubic cm, with a maximum speed of 60 km/h is a low-powered type of scooter. If you don't want to bother with registering the vehicle and obtaining the rights is an option for you. But it's also the most dangerous vehicle, especially on a busy highway. If you decide to choose this type of scooter, feel free to skip the remaining steps in the paperwork for the scooter, as they you will not be affected.- over 50 cubic cm and a maximum speed over 60 km/h.
Making documents, eliminate the possibility of fraud. In the case of a scooter, and any vehicle removed from the register (in the transit room), there is scope for fraud. The cases of fraud, when the vehicle simultaneously is pledged to the Bank and sold by scammers. Also watch power of attorney – it must be only the General, with the right to sell and receive money, certified by a notary. The best option is ask the seller to go with you to the traffic police for registration of all documents.
Will draw up a contract of sale of the vehicle. Now acceptable as handwritten copy, and design in specialized law firms.
Write the statement for statement on the account (if in transit) or registration with a conservation license plates (if the vehicle is not removed from the account).
Visit your scooter in traffic. Check to see if you were ready (the contract of sale, title, application, and insurance) and submit all these documents in a window on registration of motor vehicles and trailers – this often is each of the traffic police.
As you can see, the scheme of clearance of the scooter is quite easy and differs little from the other vehicle. The only difference is that when the cubic capacity scooters up to 50 cm3 special processing is not required.
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