The change starts from the inside. If you are choleric with explosive, extremely independent nature and are fond of fight, try to perceive yourself as weak defenseless woman: ask for help from others, picturesquely offense and kapriznaya, behave differently in the care and courtship. Be sincere in your requests. Do not play and do not pretend and be yourself in new circumstances. If you think that such a drastic change is laughable, I laugh on myself in the shower, but don't stop.
Find a new hobby. If earlier you liked to sit home with a book, grasp the dumbbells and a Hoop, do some dancing or fitness. If doing parkour, try to go to theatres and museums, develop humanitarian thinking.
Change closet. Old things give a friend or get her clothes instead of jeans romantic skirt of soft, moving material, instead of a sweater with neck shirt with a plunging neckline or a corset.
Throw out all old cosmetics. Change the palette of blue-gray to bright-green or pinkish-brown, pastel colors replace bright. This applies to faces, and nails.
Perfume. Your smell enters the room before you it you sometimes even remember. Select the smell, which yesterday would have thought I couldn't.
Hair. Change the form styling, color. Do something that seems extreme.
Don't hesitate your new image. Include in the behavior of the new model and phrase. Feel free and relaxed in a new guise, as in a good suit.