The image is not only the clothes we wear. This hairstyle and manner of speech, and the image formed at the sides after a conversation with you.Do not try to change the image once and for all. Make changes gradually, and then you will have more room for manoeuvre.Change your figure. Not necessarily instantly become a fan of bodybuilding or to go on a fierce diet. Enough to give your body 15-20 minutes a day, and a month later you will notice a positive result, which will be a great incentive to further change of image!
Be aware of new trends. This does not necessarily blindly follow fashion. But to know what is the thing that goes well with your favorite vintage bag.In order to be aware of fashion tenancy enough time in a week to read news on the popular portals about fashion.
Draw attention. If you will pay attention to the street - it will be a great stimulus to further changes. Bright accessories add to the mood!
Find a hobby. The artist, fanatically devoted to the cause, can be easily recognized in the crowd, right? Find yourself a new hobby and show it off! A new image requires also the change of your interests.
Adjust the attitude to life. Often think about what is happening, reflect on current events. Mental work will force you to take another look at your image, your image.
Change style of talking. Often the impression one gets from conversations with him. If you don't like your voice, work on them. A little bit of practice and you will be able to speak without difficulty. Get rid of words-parasites - they prevent to Express their thoughts. Listen carefully to the interlocutor, respect him - then you will be issued a positive opinion.