Leave feelings aside

Start with love for yourself. Forget about feelings for someone else and imagine for a time that no one is better than you. Enough to go to the mirror, look in it and you will see a beautiful and independent girl with lot of positive qualities, which is too early to think about the love feelings. Try to think about it as often as possible and revise their ideas about other people.

Try to start a diary and Express your innermost thoughts. For starters, you can throw out all your anger and sadness, it is in detail painted, what are you tormented. Once you release yourself from all the excess, the soul will soon become easier.

Stop seeing a guy if you feel that you have started to experience to his real feelings. Better to force yourself to be alone than to continue to suffer from hindering you love. Also avoid those places where the guy happens often. In a pinch you can even change the place of residence or work.

Think about what you don't like the guy. Write down on paper all its shortcomings. Remember that ideal people do not happen. It will definitely find something that will force you to reconsider your opinion and to cool the burning feeling.

Live life to the fullest

Try not to be alone. Communicate more with your friends and relatives. You can move to someone close to you, so close to you someone was constantly. This will help you to keep yourself in hand and not think about love.

Get as much positive emotions from life, not focusing your attention on your feelings to the guy. Go shopping and update your wardrobe, treat yourself to a massage, visit the beauty salon or view a new film. Try to realize all your desires and whims little on their own, in any case not be financially dependent on a guy.

Make more saturated your daily schedule. If you have a lot of things and responsibilities, you will spend less time on unwanted thoughts. Start to build a career, possibly sign up for a program, get yourself a hobby.

Perhaps you fell in love with the wrong person? Think about what you do not like it, why don't you want to build a relationship with him. As soon as you find out all the reasons it will be easier to avoid such mistakes in the future. Try to find a man that will be able to build a true love without any obstacles.